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Aktuelle Publikationen

Eine aktuelle und vollständige Liste der Publikationen von Prof. Dr. Klaus Gramann finden Sie hier.

Liu, J., Singh, A.K., Wunderlich, A., Gramann, K., Lin, C. T.  (2022). Redesigning navigational aids using virtual global landmarks to improve spatial knowledge retrieval. npj Science of Learning 7 (1), 1-12

Hilton, C., Raddatz, L., Gramann, K. (2022). A general spatial transformation process? Assessing the neurophysiological evidence on the similarity of mental rotation and folding. Neuroimage: Reports 2 (2), 100092

Djebbara, Z., Jensen, O. B., Parada, F. J., Gramann, K. (2022). Neuroscience and architecture: modulating behavior through sensorimotor responses to the built environment. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 104715

Suárez, J. X., Gramann, K., Ochoa, J. F., Toro, J. P., Mejía, A. M., Hernández, A.M. (2022). Changes in brain activity of trainees during laparoscopic surgical virtual training assessed with electroencephalography. Brain Research 1783, 147836

Gehrke, L., Lopes, P., Klug, M., Akman, S., Gramann, K. (2022). Neural sources of prediction errors detect unrealistic VR interactions. Journal of Neural Engineering 19 (3), 036002

Gorjan, D., Gramann, K., De Pauw, K., Marusic, U. (2022). Removal of movement-induced EEG artifacts: current state of the art and guidelines. Journal of neural engineering

Wunderlich, A., Grieger, S., Gramann, K. (2022). Landmark information included in turn-by-turn instructions induce incidental acquisition of lasting route knowledge. Spatial Cognition & Computation, 1-26

Gehrke, L., Lopes, P., Gramann, K. (2022). Toward Human Augmentation Using Neural Fingerprints of Affordances. Affordances in Everyday Life, 173-180

Cheng, B., Lin, E., Gramann, K., Wunderlich, A. (2022). Eye Blink-Related Brain Potentials During Landmark-Based Navigation in Virtual Reality (Short Paper). 15th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT 2022)

Harmening, N., Klug, M., Gramann, K., Miklody, D. (2022). HArtMuT-Modeling eye and muscle contributors in neuroelectric imaging. bioRxiv

Fricke, M., Morawietz, C., Wunderlich, A., Muehlbauer, T., Jansen, C., Gramann, K., Wollesen, B. (2022). Successful wayfinding in age: A scoping review on spatial navigation training in healthy older adults. Frontiers in psychology 13

Wang, S., Sanches de Oliveira, G., Djebbara, Z., Gramann, K. (2022). The Embodiment of Architectural Experience: A Methodological Perspective on Neuro-Architecture. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 236

Djebbara, Z., Gramann, K. (2022). Architectural affordances: linking action, perception, and cognition. Brain, Beauty, and Art: Essays Bringing Neuroaesthetics into Focus

Wunderlich, A. & Gramann, K. (2020). Eye‐movement related brain potentials during assisted navigation in real‐world environments. European Journal of Neuroscience.

Wollesen, B., Wildbredt, A., van Schooten, K. S., Lim, M. L., & Delbaere, K. (2020). The effects of cognitive-motor training interventions on executive functions in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis. European Review of Aging and Physical Activity17(1), 1-22.

Klug, M., & Gramann, K. (2020). Identifying key factors for improving ICA-based decomposition of EEG data in mobile and stationary experiments. European Journal of Neuroscience.

Protzak, J., Wiczorek, R., & Gramann, K. (2020). Peripheral visual perception during natural overground dual-task walking in older and younger adults. Neurobiology of Aging.

Singh, A. K., Gramann, K., Chen, H. T., & Lin, C. T. (2020). The Impact of Hand Movement Velocity on Cognitive Conflict Processing in a 3D Object Selection Task in Virtual Reality. NeuroImage

Wollesen, B., Fricke, M., Jansen, C.-P., Gordt, K., Schwenk, M., Muehlbauer, T., Morawietz, C., Kruse, A., & Gramann, K. (2020). A three-armed cognitive-motor exercise intervention to increase spatial orientation and life-space mobility in nursing home residents: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial in the PROfit project. BMC Geriatrics

Nenna, F., Do, C.-T., Protzak, j., & Gramann, K. (2020). Alterations of brain dynamics during dual-task overground walking. European Journal of Neuroscience.

Barnstaple, R., Protzak, J., DeSouza, J. F., & Gramann, K. (2020). Mobile Brain/body Imaging (MoBI) in dance: A dynamic transdisciplinary field for applied research. European Journal of Neuroscience.

Banaei, M., Ahmadi, A., Gramann, K., & Hatami, J. (2020). Emotional evaluation of architectural interior forms based on personality differences using virtual reality. Frontiers of Architectural Research9(1), 138-147.

Djebbara, Z., Fich, L. B., Petrini, L., & Gramann, K. (2019). Sensory-motor brain dynamics reflect architectural affordances. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 116(29), 14769-14778.

Banaei, M., Ahmadi, A., Gramann, K., & Hatami, J. (2019). Emotional evaluation of architectural interior forms based on personality differences using virtual reality. Frontiers of Architectural Research.



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